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[sticky post] Quicky Sticky

Through a fandom project I found out there are a lot of artists with a desire to create more as well as a lot of authors who wished for art to go with their stories that weren't part of big writing challenges. Yet both were not sure how to approach each other. I aim to bring y'all together in this art-community by offering opportunities for quick creative collaborations. Challenges are open for any level of experience and every art medium you can think of. All ratings, pairings and genres in the SPN fandom are welcome, including RPF and GEN.

AUTHORS: SUBMIT your FICS HERE until July 31st!

CLAIM a fic to ART for at the submission post
or take an easy scroll through a full list of visuals here!
Round 2 of the 2018 quicky_bang runs until August 31st is extended until September 9th:)

Quickies 2016 Round 1 | MatchMaker 2016 | Quickies 2016 Round 2
Matches & Quickies 2017 Round 1 | Quickies 2017 Round 2
Quickies 2018 Round 1

The Quickies and MatchMaking Challenges are meant to inspire you to get creative as soon as possible, so you don't get too lost in your head worrying about the perfect visual. Art can be anything from a banner to a scene illustration and we welcome all media, from pencil sketches to digital designs.
To avoid procrastination there is one rule: you have to set yourself a deadline within the timeframe of the challenge. (Maximum of a month for the regular QuickyBang; one, two or three weeks for the Matchmaker Challenge)

Art can be posted to the community as soon as you're ready. There is no need for a storybanner as a preview, but we do require at least a sneak peek or teaser of the artwork to be visible in the post. (This is an ART community after all;) Whether you link to an artpost in your own journal or directly to the author's story is up to you. We do encourage you to promote each other's work!
Tag with quicky aug2018 + your medium + other relevant tags

This community offers anonymous contact and private rooms all year round:)
FLIRT: Don't have a story, but you do have an idea for art? Leave a prompt here! (Anonymous input allowed)
CLASSIFIEDS: Looking for a fic- or artpartner to play with your favorite characters? Find each other here!

Questions, suggestions and comments are welcome:) If you have any planning or other problems, don't hesitate to contact me. BeeLikeJ@gmail.com


Artmasterlist Quickies 2018 Round 2!

Yay for another good round of quickies: great work, artists! Look at the variety in media and styles!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of authors from all over our fandom, we had an abundance of short stories to choose from. (I foresee lots of exciting blind dates in the MatchMaker Challenge this winter;)

Also a shout out to commenters for the likes, kudos and comments. Y'all keep us going!

Here's a masterlist of all the artwork, go see if you missed anything and spread some more love!
Ratings apply to the art and the characters mentioned are the ones that are visible in the artwork; there's more info about the content of the fics in the artposts.

Artwork for:
Blowing a Gasket
Artist: beelikej
Medium: papercutting & coloured pencils
Character: Baby, Sam, Dean
Rating: G
Artwork for:
Ink Up
Artist: swan_song21 (Nisaki)
Medium: digital drawing
Character: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG13
Artwork title:
Team Free Hugs
Artist: amberdreams
Medium: digital drawing
Character: Castiel, Sam, Dean
Rating: G
Be_My_Precious_Come on Baby Light My Fire.jpg
Artwork for:
Come on Baby Light My Fire
Artist: be_my_precious
Medium: digital photo-art
Character: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG13
Artwork for:
Artist: kelios
Medium: digital photo-art
Character: Jensen, Jared
Rating: G
stargazingchola-le cocina.jpg
Artwork for:
La Cocina es el Centro de la Casa
Artist: stargazingchola
Medium: digital drawing
Character: Dean, Sam
Rating: G
Artwork for:
Artist: kelios
Medium: digital photo-art
Character: Sam, Dean
Rating: G
Artwork title:
The Giant Knitted Sock
Artist: beelikej
Medium: papercutting
Character: Jared,
Rating: G
Artwork for:
Shark Fin Blues
Artist: amberdreams
Medium: watercolours, coloured pencils
Character: Sam, Dean
Rating: G

Please tell me if there are any typos or missing links;)


A special thanks to all the authors:)

Hello everyone,

Due to juggling a lot of communities and challenges, I haven't finished the artmasterlist yet, but it will be up sometime this week for sure:)
Before that, I would like to thank all the authors who submitted their fics for the Summer round of the quicky_bang, the response was truely overwhelming!

As per usual there were more stories than artists (even with some of us picking more than one fic to illustrate) so I will be running another round of the MatchMaker Challenge at the end of the year.

In that challenge artists sign up to blindly receive a fic to art for; they can either have a choice out of three or two or they get a story assigned to them, so they won't pick it themselves. If you don't want your fic to be in the MatchMaker Challenge, please let me know and I won't include it, no problem.

Questions and comments are welcome.



Sharks Fin Blues - for nigeltde

Artist: amberdreams
Title: Shark Fin Blues
Summary: Dean beside him still has leaves in his hair, and seven weeks to live.

Art teaser:- Click to see the full entry on my journal
nigeltde crop-1
Artpost: The Giant Knitted Sock
Artwork by: beelikej
Made for: walking_tornado's story The Giant Knitted Condom
RPF | J2 | R | 938 words | Link & summary in artpost!


One day to goooooooooooo!

With one day of August left, this is a shout-out to all artists who claimed a fic to play with. How is everyone doing? I already received one request for an extension, is anyone else in need of some lenience with the Quicky deadline? Let me know (you can mail or message me) and more importantly; get/keep in touch with your author, so they know you haven't forgotten them! Don't make me come after you...

I won't start on a masterlist for this round until next week, so you have a couple of extra days for finishing touches anyway. This is me cheering you on: *\o/*

For anyone who's in the mood for a superquicky, the CLAIMpost is still open.

With the huge amount of submitted fics, I've been wondering how to lure in more artists. I've made a list of visuals for easy browsing, but I would appreciate any suggestions on how to further promote the fics on offer.
I personally pick my stories based on summaries, not on pairings; is that something you would prefer to know before even considering making fanart?

This would also be helpful to know before I organize another round of the MatchMaker Challenge:)



Author: walking_tornado
Artist: kelios
SummarySam and Dean, the Winchester constellations, spend eons fighting their way across the sky in an effort to get close to each other.
Fic Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3546206

I just fell in love with the idea of Sam and Dean as constellations ♥
Other images can be found on tumblr or twitter.

Art for La Cocina es el Centro de la Casa

Author: deadlybride
Artist: stargazingchola
Summary: One summer, Dean and Sam get left behind when their dad goes on a hunt in Southern Arizona.
Fic Link: AO3

PSA: Quicky Summervacation

Hello, darling artists who are working on their quickies and curious artists who are going through the fic submissions to find something to play with, this is a post to cheer you all on! *\o/* Keep up the good work!

The same goes for all cheerleaders and lurkers; keep on commenting and also continue spreading the word that there are still loads of short fics to practice your artsy skills on!

Remember there is no need to sign up or check in, everybody is welcome to CLAIM a fic to ART for:)
You can browse through the submission post or check this full list of visuals:
Round 2 of the 2018 quicky_bang runs until August 31st:)



P.S. I'm off on a short vacation and I hope to see more claims and a lot of pretty art when I get back online next week;)
Recipient: storyspinner70
Story: Anywhere

One of the pieces inspired by this story. The rest, along with the quotes that inspired them, are posted on tumblr and twitter. Thank you to storyspinner70 for the beautiful story!