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TAKE ME! Submit & Claim post Quicky_Bang April 2017

Are y'all ready? It's time for another round of Quickies! Let's squeeze one in before the Big Bang;) From today until the end of April, authors can offer up a short story they would love to have illustrated! All SPN/RPF genres are welcome.
Art can be anything from a banner to a scene illustration and we allow all media, from pencil sketches to digital designs. To avoid procrastination we have one rule: you have to set yourself a deadline within a month after claiming. Art can be posted until May 31st.

How does it all work?

Submit a finished SHORT story below! It doesn't matter if the fic is old or new, as long as it has less than 4000 words and there is no accompanying art, you can offer it up. Comment with your name, contact e-mail and a link to your fic. Include a tiny snippet or summary to entice an artist. Describe visuals to seduce them:)
To give all authors equal space, you can only submit two stories at this time.
(If you have more fics on offer or are looking for an artist for a new collaboration, you can leave contact information at our flirts or classifieds section! Link below;)

Check out the story submissions in the comments!
If you see a fic you would love to make art for, reply to the submission to claim it. Contact the author by mail and set up a timeline/deadline within a month, so they can cheer you on. Make sure you share your expectations! What rating did you have in mind? Do you welcome input or rather keep the art a surprise until posting? You decide the intensity of collaboration, the most important thing is to have fun and share fandom love!

Done? Post in the community with a story banner or at least a teaser image; this is an art-community after all:) Whether you link to your artpost in your own journal or directly to the author's story is up to you. We do encourage you to promote each other's work!

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