BeeLikeJ (beelikej) wrote in quicky_bang,

Quickies for May 2017: Fics on offer!

Ooooh, look at all these VERY different submissions to choose from.
What do you want to art for?
Don't think too long about it, grab one while you can!
You can start right away and art all of May:)
Here are visuals of the fics that are still available:

  • Jensen and Jared have fun after Tough Mudder: who knew Jensen was a clean freak;) [J2]
  • Casefile: Jo Harvelle investigates a haunted house! [GEN] CLAIMED!
  • A candle light church interior with Hunter!Dean/Priest!Cas [OmegaDean/AlphaCas]
  • Sam and Dean are gladiators in ancient Rome...[Sam/Dean] CLAIMED!
  • Birthday cake and Jensen in panties, [older!Jared/younger!Jensen] CLAIMED!
  • Hannibal crossover AU with naked Dean trussed up ready to be cooked... [GEN]
  • Rock star!Jensen sings a birthday song on stage of a rock festival...[J2]

  • Intrigued? Click on description to find out more and for author contact information.
    (Or go to the Claim post to check out ALL of them:)
    Tags: fic on offer, mod, quicky apr2017
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