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Promo MatchMaker Challenge

Where are all the fandom artists hanging out? Our lovely Sam & Dean, J2 and rare pairs are longing to play! (Yes, Castiel is there too:) Don't be shy, give it a try!

The MatchMaker Challenge is part of the Quicky_Bang. You can pick your own date on which you want to start arting. Choose a Speed Date, a Double Date or a Blind Date, depending on the amount of time you have or how adventurous you are:) Each of the options will give you a surprise short fic to create art for. Go here to read more and join in!

Not an artist? You can help spread the word that the MatchMaker Challenge is running!

MatchMaker LOGO2019.png
Sign up with a date in January or February and you will be assigned a mystery match:
a short SPN or RPF fic (<4000 words) to create artwork for!

Sample promo:
Tags: mod, promo
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