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Through a fandom project I found out there are a lot of artists with a desire to create more as well as a lot of authors who wished for art to go with their stories that weren't part of big writing challenges. Yet both were not sure how to approach each other. I aim to bring y'all together in this art-community by offering opportunities for quick creative collaborations. Challenges are open for any level of experience and every art medium you can think of. All ratings, pairings and genres in the SPN fandom are welcome, including RPF and GEN.

Quickies 2016 Round 1 | MatchMaker 2016 | Quickies 2016 Round 2
Matches & Quickies 2017 Round 1 | Quickies 2017 Round 2
Quickies 2018 Round 1

There will be a new round of the quicky_bang at the end of Summer 2018:)

The Quickies and MatchMaking Challenges are meant to inspire you to get creative as soon as possible, so you don't get too lost in your head worrying about the perfect visual. Art can be anything from a banner to a scene illustration and we welcome all media, from pencil sketches to digital designs.
To avoid procrastination there is one rule: you have to set yourself a deadline within the timeframe of the challenge. (Maximum of a month for the regular QuickyBang; one, two or three weeks for the Matchmaker Challenge)

Art can be posted to the community as soon as you're ready. There is no need for a storybanner as a preview, but we do require at least a sneak peek or teaser of the artwork to be visible in the post. (This is an ART community after all;) Whether you link to an artpost in your own journal or directly to the author's story is up to you. We do encourage you to promote each other's work!
Tag with quicky aug2018 + your medium + other relevant tags

This community offers anonymous contact and private rooms all year round:)
FLIRT: Don't have a story, but you do have an idea for art? Leave a prompt here! (Anonymous input allowed)
CLASSIFIEDS: Looking for a fic- or artpartner to play with your favorite characters? Find each other here!

Questions, suggestions and comments are welcome:)
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