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A collaboration artcommunity with a short turn around.
Sometimes you're not in the mood for long foreplay, sometimes you just can't wait to get started. This is a place where we want to make fandom magic happen a little faster than in the big collaboration challenges, but still give artists plenty of time to create. We want a quick turn-around, but not without getting to know each other first;)

In a recent multi fandom project it became clear there are a lot of authors wishing for art to go with their stories and a lot of artists with a desire to create. Both were not sure how to approach each other outside of challenges. We hope to bring y'all together in this art-community. For this we're specifally looking for SHORT stories that are already written!* It doesn't matter if they're old or new, as long as they have less than 4000 words and there is no accompanying art, you can offer it up.

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